FFP2 KN95 Fully Automatic High-speed Folding Mask Machine


Section IV Equipment Parameters

Main configuration Electrical components Controller XINJE or equivalent brand
HMI XINJE10-inch color touch screen or equivalent brand
Sensor Omron or equivalent brand
Feeding motor 1500W servo motor
Ear cord rotating motor Servo motor
Ultrasonic wave Conprofetech or equivalent brand
Pneumatic components Welding cylinder AirTAC or equivalent brand
Clipping cylinder AirTAC or equivalent brand
Positioning cylinder AirTAC or equivalent brand
Solenoidvalve AirTAC or equivalent brand
Oil-water separator AirTAC or equivalent brand
Technical specifications Product specifications Mask specifications N95/KN95 (edge sealed)
Earcord length 180-220mm
Welding spot spacing Adjustable from 50mm to 54mm
Welding spot size 8-10MM customized according to client standards
Welding time 100-500MS
Product positioning Automatic calibration
Product capacity 90-130PCS/H
Equipment specifications Welding method Continuous /instant welding
Program storage Simple and adjustable
Template assembly method Casette installation of fixed position
Operation safety protection Emergency stop
Action protection Software action interlock
Operating height 1200mm
Operating environment Ambient temperature does not exceed 40°; no flammable
Air pipe specifications φ12mm
Supply air 0.5~0.7Mpa (dry air source) / 20L / min
Power Specifications AC 220V/380V 50/60Hz±10%
Input power 16KW
Equipment weight About 2400kg

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